killer heat


I am several years late to the party in breaking this commercial down, but oh well.

It was easy for me to dismiss this commercial the first million times I saw it, but once realized it was real, I paid closer attention.

This ad, and the series of Tundra ads it belongs to, are an effort not to confuse consumers or distort the truth. Big, loud, boisterous, and “manly” almost to a fault, the one thing “Killer Heat” is not is deceptive. And that makes it refreshing.

Advertisers try every moment of every day to demonstrate why the product they are pushing is special. With all of that effort, an extraordinarily small number of ads and campaigns actually accomplish the feat of honestly, accurately demonstrating the product.

Back in 2009, an author on the Tundra-fanatic website wrote: “If there’s anything wrong with the “Killer Heat” commercial, it’s that it takes a real truck person to understand just how amazing this stunt was.”

While the above notion is accurate, the whole point of the commercial was likely to stand out to truck people.

As the quote suggests, “real truck people” will understand the commercial on a level most others will not. And for those folks, the Toyota Tundra will hold a special place in their minds (and, if  Toyota is lucky, their hearts) as they continue to think, learn, and talk about trucks. This is the sign of a truly great advertisement and advertisement campaign.

A round of applause for Toyota, their Tundra, and Saatchi & Saatchi (the ad agency behind the campaign and ad). They brought some heat back in 2009 – heat that still airs on television sets across the country frequently today.



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