print ads vs internet ads

Even cool-looking, disturbing, visually pleasing, interesting print ads have nothing on click-able, customizable, interactive internet ads.

This may seem like an obvious observation. Maybe even a waste of space and time to write about.

But think about why print ads are boring for a moment?

Do print ads lose the battle with internet ads for attention because technology makes internet ads so much better?

Or maybe print ads make us yawn because they are part of a dying medium?

I thank the answers to both of the above, and other excuses, are cop-outs. Or at least the wrong questions to ask.

Closer to the right track might be thinking more along these lines:

Are print ads (and is print as a medium in general) boring because talent, creativity, and innovation have all gone to the internet?

I think the answer is “Yes,” and I am submitting this wonderful innovation as proof that the medium is not the problem (which should have you asking, “So, then, what is?”).


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