“dream come true”


I would like to believe Frank Martinez is a real person.  I would also like to believe that everything he says in “Dream Come True” is in his own words. Sadly, it is more likely that he is an actor or his words were written for him, or both. McDonalds might consider clear notes regarding the authenticity of ads like this one in the future, because beyond that concern I thought this was a brilliant ad.

Skepticism and years of conditioning (all advertisements tell lies) aside, I really liked this ad. I think this is a smart direction for McDonald’s and the execution was beautiful. Recently there have been many ads like this one that have failed for other companies

There is a cinematic quality that some how does not take away from the importance or realness of the story. My own concepts and ideas about marketing may make me question the authenticity of the ad, but the ad itself hits all the right notes. The ad is subtle when it needs to be, clever (see the part near the end when Mr. Martinez mentions the best fries on earth as a shot of McDonald’s fries on his dashboard appears), and pretty to look at.

I almost forgot that the ad was for fast food.  I only thought, as intended, of Mr. Martinez, his dedication, his struggles and the care and patience he apparently puts into his potatoes.

A great product makes you feel good. But the seeds of that feeling are sewn long before you have the chance to interact with the product. A story of some kind about the product plants itself in our minds, and if that story is good enough we will already associate positive thoughts with the product. And McDonald’s new “Proud of Our Suppliers” ads tell a darn good story.

An important note, however I may feel about the ad, is that it has over 54,000 views on You Tube and not one comment. I am curious as to why viewers of this ad might not be moved enough to even post a comment – an act that many other ads posted on You Tube see regularly. I thought “Dream Come True” was a fantastic ad, but the lack of comments makes me wonder if something about it put off others?

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