mayhem is everywhere

On Friday I posted a piece trashing Geico’s gecko ad campaign, which, by the way, has been running for over ten years (!).

On the other end of the “humor-for-branding” spectrum lives Allstate’s Mayhem is Everywhere campaign.


I really enjoy most of their Mayhem commercials, though cheap laughs are sometimes still the goal.

The two big differences to me between an ad campaign I despise, like the gecko’s, and one I find nearly perfect, like mayhem’s, are originality and execution. I use the word “lazy” a lot in my blog, but it really is the right word to describe the gecko campaign.

Mayhem, on the other hand, started from a new (and fundamentally difficult) idea and somehow made it through the gauntlet of misguided Allstate executives and creativity-killing marketing industry obstacles to emerge as one of the most constantly entertaining and productive ad campaigns of the last few decades.

None of the Mayhem ads are independently the best commercials ever made, but the campaign as a whole is as strong as I’ve seen in sometime.

Allstate/Mayhem Facebook page.

Allstate’s official “Mayhem is Everywhere” webpage.




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