bicycle helmet covers teach an important marketing lesson


I saw a bicycle helmet cover today along the lines of the above trend-centric number. The company that makes this one is called Yakkay (link above).

Before today I had no idea “fashion” covers of this kind even existed, which made me start wondering about how one might go about marketing a product like this.

A super fashionable helmet cover markets itself to a degree. The vain, super self-conscious and fashion-forward (or trendy) folks are going to find this stuff on their own.

Not that long ago (or, before the Internet era) television commercials and a heavy run of print ads would have been needed to jump start awareness and sales, but now a strategic Internet presence, some business savvy and a bunch of friends spread out all over do the trick.

I imagine the company that makes the above cover has spent some money on marketing, but I would wager that their budget is a fraction of what it might have been and they have spent at least 80% of their marketing monies in Internet arenas.

Certain products attract certain types of people. It has always been that way. The only real change is that it is cheaper, easier and more fun than ever to raise the necessary awareness your product needs in order to find its way to its natural consumer.

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