lobster and seafood salad subs

Subway and and Quiznos must be trying to outdo each other in a self-imposed “disgusting looking sandwich” competition.

Until a few days ago, it was difficult to imagine a more revolting sandwich to look at than Subway’s new line of avocado disasters.

Quiznos obviously saw those sandwiches as more than a series of unappetizing poor-judgement calls. The big Q saw them as a challenge, one they could not let slide by without responding to.

One reason I did not include the T.V. ad I first saw is that it might make you vomit on your keyboard, ruining it forever. These images, I hope, will get across the horror that is Quiznos’ newest sub. Just know that the T.V. spots are only more effective in that after viewing, you will want to eat one of these sandwiches even less than you do right now.

I am not just disappointed by two fast-food chains I used sink a lot of money into making menu and marketing decisions bad enough to be indicators of a total lack of understanding of what (eternally hungry) people would like to eat. I am disappointed even more by the fact that the companies that made Jared and fuzzballs with teeth household names are now producing marketing this out of touch.

Since Subway and Quiznos have apparently abandoned the age-old, battle-tested marketing stance of “trying making your product look good” for the less-traditional approach of “trying to make your product look as terrible and as undesirable as possible,” here are better T.V. spots from both:

Final Comment: I don’t always complain about the marketing direction taken with sub sandwiches, but when I do I harp on the same point tirelessly.

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